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Why Choose Blossom Valley Academy?

When you're looking for a new day care center for your child, it's important to know as much as possible about the staff and background of the center. With so many options for child care available, it can be an overwhelming task trying to decide which center is the best fit for your little one. At Blossom Valley Academy, we take pride in the specialized care and professional certification that sets us apart from other day care centers in the area. With friendly staff members and a variety of personalized educational opportunities that are designed to enhance your children's learning experience, there are many reasons why Blossom Valley Academy in Lewisville, TX, should be the first choice for your little one.

Since 1984, we have been a family-owned center with a staff that is dedicated to growing young minds and preparing children for the future. We provide a wide range of care services that are based on the specific needs of children in each age group so that each child can reach his or her full potential. While it may seem that there is little difference in the needs of a child who is 3 years old and a child who is 5 years old, we understand that even 2 years is a significant difference. With this in mind, we tailor our programs to the individual needs that accompany each age group instead of applying a one-size-fits-all approach to all of the children in our care. From infants to toddlers and preschoolers, we offer daily care and education in a nurturing environment to encourage the positive growth of your little one.

Learn More about the Director & Staff at our Center

Our director has graduated with a Master degree in education, which gives us a unique advantage in the field of child care. We use the vision of our director to apply the special curriculum and academic approach that we have developed, which utilizes proven methods of learning that allow each child to discover the individual learning patterns that work best for them. Our center is also a qualified child care provider with a certification from the Texas Rising Star program, which ensures that we abide by the state licensing requirements for the following areas:

  • Director & Staff Qualifications & Training
  • Curriculum
  • Caregiver-Child Interactions
  • Parent Education & Involvement
  • Indoor/Outdoor Activities
  • Nutrition

 our staff to learn more about why Blossom Valley Academy should be your choice for a day care center. We care for children from Lewisville, Lake Dallas, Flower Mound, and Coppell, Texas.