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Jessica Jones
5 Stars
“This was my first time letting my children attend daycare and I feel like I couldn't have chose a better a daycare. The teachers knew my children name after the first day and seeing that both of them love their teachers made me feel more at ease. My children have eczema so they need a little bit more attention when getting a diaper change and they were fine with it and I have not had any problems with their skin. Any type of adjustment that I have asked for they have done without questions asked. I would recommend this daycare to anyone”

Kyth Stein
5 Stars
“My son started attending Blossom Valley when he was 3 and enjoys going to the daycare every day. He really loves his teachers and friends. This is a great and trusted daycare, and I am lucky to have found them”

Beanz England
5 Stars
“Staff is great and super nice to the kids. Very clean and it’s a great learning environment. My daughter has gone here for 2 years and we absolutely love it!”

Brandy Raboine
5 Stars
“The staff and teachers here are amazing! My daughter absolutely loved going here! They are all so caring and kind and most have been there for years. I would absolutely recommend them if you are looking for quality care in that area!”

Miranda Hedegore
5 Stars
“(HONEST REVIEW) Blossom Valley was recommended to me by a friend whose 2 boys went here when they were babies and up until pre k! They are now teenagers and still remember the teachers and the fun times they had there. I am so thankful for her recommendation because my two boys (infant & 2) absolutely love this place! My 2 year old has learned so much. They are affordable, caring and incredibly kind. I give them 5 stars! Thank you blossom valley!!!”

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Lilac Lilith
5 Stars
“Such a great place my child is learning so much. As a single parent Blossom Valley gives me peace of mind while I’m at work! I know my child is getting the care and education they need. Their staff is awesome they go above and beyond. Thank you ?”

Ashlee Acosta
5 Stars
“My son has attended this school since April 2017. We love Blossom Valley Academy!! He loves his class, his classmates and most of all his teacher, Miss Robin. My son has learned so much since starting school here and you can tell the Owner and her staff genuinely care about the children. I would recommend this school to anyone!”

Blair Green
5 Stars
“Picking a childcare facility that you trust to care for your newborn is difficult for any parent. My husband and I both attended Blossom Valley when we were young children so decided to look into it when our son was born since it was close to both of our work locations. We were surprised to see that the same owner was still in the day to day operations of it from when we were kids. I of course did my own online research on them and other schools because I wanted to have a safe and trusting place to take my son. They take the safety & wellness of kids seriously which is very important to me as well as teaching children even from an early age proper manners and education. I am still amazed each day that my son comes home (who has been attending BVA for 2.5 years) how much he is learning and the respect he has...and he isn't even 3 years old yet! Since I know what they taught me at a young age, I know that he is getting this from the school! The teachers all know him and he says bye to each of them everyday before we leave. Kids have great intuition and for my son to love on each teacher the same says a lot! The only thing that would make us leave will be moving or our son starting public school!”

Jennifer Searls
5 Stars
“BV was recommended to me by a friend who has teenage daughters that attended Blossom Valley when they were younger. Several of the teachers are still at the school which is impressive! I love that all of the teachers have a relationship with my son and he enjoys going to school everyday. I fully trust the staff and know that they care about my son. What more can you ask for?”

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Marie H
5 Stars
“My daughter has been attending Blossom Valley since July 2017. She loves her teachers and all the kids at the school. She is smiling when I drop her off and when I pick her up. I am always impressed with how engaged and active all age groups are in the afternoons. The teachers are great at keeping the kids happy and behaving. You can tell the kids love and respect their teachers”

Alicia White
5 Stars
“My children have been attending this facility for years and have always had a pleasant experience”

Milani Rosee
5 Stars
“My kids are currently attending blossom valley in the afterschool program ! Lots of great hands on activities and they enjoy coming here. One of my kids also attends the pre k program and is learning soo much and i can honestly say hes ready for kinder thanks to mrs.robin! Great staff !!”

Ren Soulbeing
5 Stars
“I went here as a kid and had so many wonderful memories. My son now goes here. Blossom Valley is such a great place for kids. The staff there are incredibly caring and really love the children here. They go above and beyond. I've known the director for years. She is a wonderful lady who has a big heart and really enjoys what she does! Thank you Blossom Valley for everything”

Kristy Pierce
5 Stars
“My daughter has been a student at Blossom Valley Academy for over a year now. The entire staff and management are so loving towards the children. It is an older School with lots of charm and character. My daughter has learned so much and every day comes home with a big smile. I think the thing I love most about Blossom Valley Academy is how every teacher there knows and cares about each child. When you walk from class to class you see kids laughing and playing and having fun and you see teachers who are truly happy in their jobs. I work with children so I know what to look for and this place is truly amazing”